Hi,Im Jason Kuehl

I began work in the industry as a teenager in Wisconsin, and moved to Boston four years ago where I began to use data center experience in cloud environments. I have a colocation at a data center in Somerville to keep learning and practicing new emerging technologies.

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Job History

2016 - SessionM Devops Engineer

2015 - Carecloud Senior Infrastructure Engineer

2013 - Virgin Pulse Senior Network Engineer

2013 - Airadigm Senior Infrastructure Engineer

2013 - ITT Tech Instructor

2012 - Airdigm Switch Technician II

2010 - Airdigm Switch Technician I

2007 - Anettec Network PC Technician

Skills and Accomplishments

  • Experience with Linux and I hate Windows. 12 years
  • Cloud Experience AWS, Google Cloud, AliCloud, and Droplet. 4 Years
  • Data Center Experience 6 years
  • 3D Printing pionior and inthueist
  • Designing a hybrid solution for AWS and Datacenter locations.
  • Experience with Cisco and Vmware Environments
  • Implementing security best practices
  • Solidworks experience for designing things to print :)
  • Im a lover of open source technology and will always be my first choice over closed.
  • Responsible for building and Architecting AWS best practices using Terraform and Puppet at scale with use of Modules
  • Build several High Availability infrastructure environments. (File Processing, Data Collection, and End User Interfaces)


Contact Info

Technical Highlights


Infra As Code (Terraform)

Configuration as Code (Puppet - Ansible)

Cisco VMware F5

Architecture planning and design

Open Source Projects <3

AWS- EC2 ASG S3 IAM RDS EFS Cloudwatch Etc


New Relic

Contact Me For:

  • Consulting work on cloud and datacenter deployments
  • Have a cool open source project and think I should know about it? Email it over!
  • Cloud and data center design
  • Open source projects
  • Speaking about self hosted techongly

Fee's150 an hour, billable the frist 2 hours