Mandalorian Helmet

3D printing a Mandalorian Helmet. I’ve learned several ways not to make one of these things.

Helmet 1 (fail)

House of fail. I made this in about 2 hours out of cardboard and fiber glass. It works, but looked awful. The helmet took me about 15 minutes to make.


Hamlet 2 ( Helmet for Ants)


The STL’s can be found there created by Jake Stayton. I printed this one just to see what I was going to get myself into. I found a few downsides.

One: way to small, two:so many peaces, 3:putting it together is a hot mess.

My friend Jacob also knows as the “Cosplay Repair man”  gave me some ideas. One: reslice the stl in to better peaces. Two: size it correctly for for own head (No guessing math time.)  This brought me to helmet 3

Helmet 3 (So close)


Creator : Alex Payne

Everything printed out very well and better then expected. But I make a mistake in the slicing process. When I tried on the Helmet it was still too small. The cheeks on the helmet did not fit my head. If the checks in the model where not in as far as they where it would of fit. This Helmet is not a total loss, it will fit others just fine. I still plan to finish it in order to create a mold.


Helmet 4 (Woot!)